Ian Tofler, MD

  • Biography:

    I am a Board-certified Child, Adolescent, and Adult Psychiatrist at the West Los Angeles Medical Center in California. 

  • I have always been interested in English literature and writing. Mixing the love of medicine, writing, and sports and athletics is a natural fit for me. Being a member of the International Society for Sports Psychiatry since its inception in 1991, faculty of Harvard, Louisiana State University, Drew University, and the University of California Los Angeles over the years, and a member of an International Olympic Committee on prevention of abuse in sports has given me the impetus and drive to contribute academically to the fields of medicine, child and adolescent psychiatry, and sports psychiatry. I am coauthor of Keeping your kids out front without kicking them from behind (Jossey-Bass/Wiley, 2000) and guest editor of Clinics of North America, Sports Medicine, 2005, "The Interface Between Sport Psychiatry and Sports Medicine."