Editor's Note Vol 5: Iss 1

This collection of work comes from a Group Health Writer’s Conference. Participants were asked to write for 10-15 minutes, creating a “Quick Write” piece to share with their group and with us. These short stories, told in a few minutes, tell stories deeply personal, heartfelt, and heartwarming; stories of becoming whole, finding self, finding home, and helping patients to become whole—emotionally if not physically. These are stories of loss and hope; stories of humanity. The images reflect that humanity: a flower from a loved one and a mother’s “worship flower,” a footstep in the sand, and more.

 We tell our stories and create images to express our human experience; we read stories and gaze upon art to share in that experience, to learn from the experience of others, and to revel in our own humanity. I hope you enjoy these brief revelries.

—Max McMillen, ELS


Artwork, Volume 5; Issue 1


Photograph taken on the beach at Pacific City, OR, in 2004, with a Nikon F100 camera, Nikon 28-85 mm zoom lens, and Fuli Velvia 50 film.

While walking on the beach at Pacific City, OR, one evening at sunset hour, looking for interesting shapes and light reflections in wet sand at low tide, I stepped into this pattern that looked like a flame in setting sun’s light. I stepped back and made this photograph including my footprint to add a human element.


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