Summer 2006 - Volume 10 Number 2

Original Research and Contributions

2006 Vohs Award Winner
Controlling High Blood Pressure
Patricia E Casey, RN, MSN; Amy Compton-Phillips, MD; Stacey Shapiro, MPH, RD; Phong Nguyen, MD
One of the two 2006 Vohs Award-winning projects describes the Mid-Atlantic Region's quality improvement program to improve control of high blood pressure.

2006 Vohs Award Winner
Operation Innovation: A New Level of Care and Service for Breast Cancer Screening, Detection, and Treatment
Richard Rajaratnam, MD, FRCS, FACS; Terry Belmont; Koklian Lim; Vita Willett; Annie Lee, MD; Edward Tyau, MD; Dong Quach, MD; Ozzie Martinez, MPH
One of the two 2006 Vohs Award-winning projects was developed to increase screening mammography rates and to reduce the wait time for cancer diagnoses.

2005 Lawrence Patient Safety Award Winner
Patient Safety Executive Walkarounds
Steven P Feitelberg, MD
The 2005 Lawrence Patient Safety Award-winning project was developed by the KP San Diego Region to provide routine opportunities for senior leaders, staff, and clinicians to discuss patient safety concerns.

2005 Lawrence Transfer Award Winner
The Southern California Perinatal Patient Safety Project
Jean Sandoval, RN, MSN; Janice McDonald, RN, MBA; Suzanne Graham, RN, PhD
The 2005 Lawrence Patient Safety Transfer Award-winning project was implemented by the Southern California Region. The implementation challenges and successes are presented here.

Special Report

On the centennial of his birth, The Permanente Journal honors Sidney R Garfield, MD, with a special section devoted to his life and legacy. To present the vision of this remarkable man, we reprint his landmark 1970 Scientific American article on the Delivery of Health Care, some personal
recollections, photographs, and more.

Honoring a Giant of 20th Century Health Care
Jon Stewart

Dr Garfield's Enduring Legacy--Challenges and Opportunities
Jay Crosson, MD

The Delivery of Medical Care
Sidney R Garfield, MD

The Rediscovery of Contractors General Hospital--Birthplace of Kaiser Permanente
Steve Gilford

Residency Days of Sidney R Garfield, MD
Vincent J Felitti, MD; Emilio Morfin, MD, FACS

Sidney Garfield--A Personal Recollection
Robert Feldman, MD

The Garfield Memorial Fund: Helping KP Clinicians and Researchers Come Through the Front Door with Their Ideas
Barbara Caruso

Health Systems

Total Panel Ownership and the Panel Support Tool--"It's All About the Relationship"
Gerard Livaudais, MD, MPH; Robert Unitan, MD; Jay Post
Responding to challenges of the existing system, the Northwest and Hawaii Regions embarked on a transformation of the Care Delivery System that empowers and supports the team. This system, its implementation and successes are described in this comprehensive article.


Health Care and Public Opinion
Michael J Pentecost, MD
This second in a series on health policy describes the influence public opinion has on health care issues.

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Book Reviews

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Sidney R. Garfield, MD


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