Mary T Shannon, MSW, MS

  • Biography:

    I never know what will emerge when I enter my studio, but I know I must trust the process of creative expression, allowing color, shape, form, and texture to take me where I need to go. Ultimately, each piece reflects what words cannot, creating a visual language that always fills me with relief and comfort. It’s my way of joining the conversation, of reaching out and touching another.

  • I recently completed my memoir, The Sunday Wishbone, and am working toward my second Masters degree, in Narrative Medicine, at Columbia University.

    I use expressive art and reflective writing in my work with physicians and nurses in “Caring for the Caregiver” workshops and seminars; I also work with patients, both individually and in groups, improving coping skills and increasing patient satisfaction and wellness.

Leaflet Contributions:

  • Coming Home
  • The Other Side of Silence