Editor's Note Vol 3: Iss 2

When I think of the contributions in this issue, the thought that comes to mind is reflection. The written pieces tell stories of life moving forward and stories reflecting on life past; stories of pain and suffering and of letting go of too much too soon; the reflection of the life of a beloved parent, an addict, and those contemplating retirement—even a story of the serendipity of the unexpected desire for a shot of tequila.

The visual art pieces highlight the hands of a surgeon, the hands of an athlete, and the "hands" of an eagle; a shoulder series, and an inviting autumn day.

—Max McMillen, ELS

The Other Side of Silence

Poetry, Volume 3; Issue 2

Deep down, buried beneath the armor
of skin and flesh and bones,
sitting behind the practiced smile 
that is not really a smile at all,
lays the other side of silence

It is the voice that calls out to you
from a thousand layers deep, 
past the underbelly of sorrow,
past the frantic heat of rage

In the lonely hours between dusk and dawn,
it is the voice that no one hears,
tender and strong as a blade of grass
in the spring, a bare tree in winter

It is your pain and it is mine,
rooted inside us and crying out,
give my pain a voice so that I may weep,
give my pain a voice so that I may feel,
give my pain a voice so that I may live!

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