Tea with Tiffany

Artwork, Volume 2; Issue 1

Tea with Tiffany

24 x 30”
Acrylic on canvas

In this painting, I am striving to capture the mood of solitude with shades of dark green for the walls that corner a triangle-shaped table. However, rays of sunshine brighten the mood as they reflect hues of colors from the still life objects along with the bouquet of flowers.

“Tea with Tiffany” was inspired by a challenge from my then 12-year-old daughter to paint a still life of her china tea set. It was our joy, in the afternoon, to have make-believe ‘tea time’ and to snack away on treats, as represented by the leftover pieces of Oreos and Pepperidge Farm cookies. Imprinted on frosted window panes are my daughter’s thumbprints, as if perhaps signifying with anticipation her wanting to eventually go outside, departing out to the world—to college. This painting recalls a precious moment—having Tea with Tiffany.

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