The Sound Remembered

Poetry, Volume 4; Issue 2

A warm Autumn night
Skies clear and bright
Sounds and voices filled the air
Happy, peaceful, calm all near

The game began and proceeded on
Everyone was cheering the home team on
The superstar came up to bat
She hit the ball with a loud crack
The stands stood up and cheered and yelled
Yet no one noticed when she fell

The scream she let out pierced the air
The calm of night no longer there

Lying in a heap, in the in-field there
The bone broke through and blood was everywhere

The pristine white of the bag at first base
Now the color of wine replaced

In shock, her face was turning gray and stark
Yet she glimmered like an angel in the dark

In the realm of what seemed surreal
The superstar fallen was unreal
The quiet of the summer night was now somber
And the screech of the ambulance leaving was the sound remembered

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