In The Moment

Poetry, Taos Writing Retreat Issue

Wild creatures live in the moment to survive the day
Harriers, hawks, eagles soar, circle, scour
the sunny clear blue skies of Colorado over Denver
and at the Wildlife Refuge in Commerce City 

The raptors peruse, hover, hunt from perches
on trees, lampposts, power-line towers, rooftops
anywhere that gives them the vantage point
an edge to capture prey, live in the moment, survive another day 

Amidst the prairie grasses and bushes, juncos, finches, sparrows
hide, feed, frolic and preen themselves
their rapid, hectic pace reflects a sense of urgency
to remain fit and safe, to stay alive for another day 

In the choppy waters, the waterfowls float, bobble, swim languidly
dipping their heads or diving for food, often in pairs
some tuck their heads under folded wings to nap after a meal
others stay vigilant for raptors, who see them as prey 

Hidden in the prairie landscape, ghostly coyotes appear, disappear
encircling the mounds of dirt and burrows
shared by prairie dogs, cottontail rabbits, burrowing owls
Elusive meals, as chirps by prairie dogs signal danger to their neighbors 

Bisons, whitetail deers and mulies forage the abundant Spring grass
free of disease, injury, infirmities of old age
Carefree in the moment as long as the young are protected
None will succumb to Nature’s way, not today, not yet anyway

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