Deharo and 18th

Artwork, Volume 2; Issue 2

Deharo and 18th

acrylic on canvas

I began drawing from the time I was able to hold a crayon and began painting shortly afterwards. I studied in various media throughout my school years, but my painting ended when I started college. Since then my creative endeavors have included designing gardens and cut glass tile mosaics, but I didn’t paint again for over two decades.

About three years ago, I finally returned to the studio in a drawing class, then started painting again. I have continued my studies in the Fine Arts Department at UC Berkeley Extension and work in my studio in the Mission District of San Francisco. I work with acrylic on canvas, painting both representational and abstract work. My streetscapes are based on walks around my neighborhood, and they examine the unique sense of place created by topography and manmade structures. The wonderful light of the Bay Area, especially late in the day, has been an important influence on my choice of color palette, and I enjoy creating a mood with the classic color harmonies using muted shades and tones.

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