Editor's Note Vol 5: Iss 1

This collection of work comes from a Group Health Writer’s Conference. Participants were asked to write for 10-15 minutes, creating a “Quick Write” piece to share with their group and with us. These short stories, told in a few minutes, tell stories deeply personal, heartfelt, and heartwarming; stories of becoming whole, finding self, finding home, and helping patients to become whole—emotionally if not physically. These are stories of loss and hope; stories of humanity. The images reflect that humanity: a flower from a loved one and a mother’s “worship flower,” a footstep in the sand, and more.

 We tell our stories and create images to express our human experience; we read stories and gaze upon art to share in that experience, to learn from the experience of others, and to revel in our own humanity. I hope you enjoy these brief revelries.

—Max McMillen, ELS

A Flower From Ed

Artwork, Volume 5; Issue 1

A Flower From Ed

(left) A Flower from Ed 
This image is a mammogram contact print of a lily printed using color solarization.

(center) A Flower from Ed (5 of 15)
This image is a mammogram contact print of a lily processed using lithography developer.

(right) A Flower from Ed (24 of 107) 
This image is a mammogram contact print of a lily.


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