Editor's Note Vol 3: Iss 2

When I think of the contributions in this issue, the thought that comes to mind is reflection. The written pieces tell stories of life moving forward and stories reflecting on life past; stories of pain and suffering and of letting go of too much too soon; the reflection of the life of a beloved parent, an addict, and those contemplating retirement—even a story of the serendipity of the unexpected desire for a shot of tequila.

The visual art pieces highlight the hands of a surgeon, the hands of an athlete, and the "hands" of an eagle; a shoulder series, and an inviting autumn day.

—Max McMillen, ELS

Shoulder Series

Artwork, Volume 3; Issue 2

Shoulder Series

Shoulder fracture in a 12 year old. 
Xrays taken at injury, 6 weeks, 12 weeks, and 12 months. 
Note the remodeling (straightening) which spontaneously occurs during the healing process. 
Perfect alignment was acheived after one year.